The Las Terrazas Cultural Landscape was declared a National Monument of the Republic of Cuba this Friday, on a day in which the historical archive of the town was presented and which closed at night with a concert by Silvio Rodríguez, number 109 of his Tour of the Neighborhoods.

The resolution that contains the declaration of National Monument, read before residents and guests by the architect Nilson Acosta, vice president of the National Council of Cultural Heritage (CNPC), highlights the historical, natural and architectural value of this site, which covers 5,300 hectares of the Sierra del Rosario Biosphere Reserve, in the western province of Artemisa.
In addition to being a geographical space, Las Terrazas "is a mixture of historical, social, economic and cultural relationships, the result of various actions of man and nature combined over time, which define it as a cultural landscape," The document.

In the region, significant natural elements such as the heights of the Stool and the Hall stand out, as well as the complex that forms the Las Terrazas community (founded on February 28, 1971, part of a comprehensive project that included a large reforestation process) and the Moka hotel (September 1994), designed and developed in harmony with the surroundings and the relief of the area.

In addition, important historical evidence is preserved in the intricate local geography and amidst the lush vegetation, including the remains of 44 coffee farms resulting from the expansion of this crop in the 19th century.